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Planning that Super Bowl party.

Planning that Super Bowl party.

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Cold Weather Parties Ideas!

Cold Weather Parties Ideas!

Fall Season is upon us again. Here are several tips for cool weather parties. 1. Start your party early and end early...

Happy Halloween 2023!

Happy Halloween 2023!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can we keep the jumper?

We guarantee a 6-hour timeframe and we can have the jumper dropped off as early as 8 am.
Example: 10-4, 11-5, 12-6, 1-7 with the latest pickup generally between 7 & 8 pm. Looking to have a later party or overnight event? We can also accommodate overnight rentals with an additional overnight fee and is typically picked up between 7am-noon the next day.

Does the bounce house need to be plugged in for the entire time?

Yes. The blower pumps air into the bounce house for the entire time the unit is being used. If you unplug the blower, the jumper will deflate. We require a plug no further than 50′ from the unit or the use of a generator for electricity. Generators are usually for parks, schools or churches where electricity for their event is not available and can be provided to your order for an additional cost. Using an extension cord longer than 50′ may cause your circuit breaker to pop which would cause the jumper to deflate, and we definitely don’t want that. Plugging something else into that same plug can cause overloads as well which is why we ask for a dedicated circuit for each of our blowers. You may unplug the blower for overnight rentals, unless instructed by a Jump Around team member not to.

Can I rent a jumper at a park?

Of course.  Please click here

What if we need to cancel our inflatable reservation?

Payment is collected at the time the reservation is made.  Refunds are non-refundable if the reservation is not cancelled within 72 hours of the event.  In the event of uncontrollable circumstance, ie extreme high winds or torrential rain, refunds will be issued.  In the event of a positive Covid test, please give us a call as we are a family-owned business and are willing to work with you.

Are we responsible for damage done to the unit in any way?

Yes & no. We do not hold you responsible for normal wear & tear of our units. Sometimes seams will develop tears in high traffic areas over long periods of time. If this happens, please let us know at once so we can correct the situation. If, however, damage occurs due to negligence or failure to follow our safety rules, you are responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of all equipment which can be very costly, ie not shutting off the bounce house in high winds or damage done by a pet chewing on the jumper. We want to avoid the situation at all costs which is why at delivery we thoroughly explain, and have you initial and sign all of our safety rules, so you know how to fully operate the unit.

Can bounce houses be left overnight?

Yes, as long as the inflatable is in a secure & safe location, ie a backyard or gated community as you are responsible for any & all damages or theft of the unit. If the inflatable is on grass, the sprinklers must be turned off to avoid the unit getting wet & damaging the unit as well as all pets are to be kept away from the unit to avoid chewing, urinating or defecating on the unit. There is an additional overnight fee for this option.

Are your bounce houses clean?

Yes, all of our bounce houses are sanitized upon delivery by using a special antibacterial antiviral cleaning agent to ensure a fresh, clean jumper for every party.

What surfaces can I set a bounce house on?

We can set our bounce houses up on any level surface free of big rocks and debris, which includes dirt, decorative rock, grass & synthetic grass, asphalt, concrete and paver stones etc. We do not set up any of our water units on dirt as it provides an unsanitary muddy mess for you and ruins our water inflatables.

How do I know if the bounce house will fit in my yard?

We get this question all the time. Under every photo on our website, there are dimensions given which includes the length, width and height of every inflatable. You are responsible for measuring your yard. Please make sure to take into account branches from trees as well as patio covers when ordering tall units as they can puncture and do damage to the unit. Make sure to give yourself a few extra feet each direction to avoid damage to the unit by rubbing next to a wall, rock or branch. Jump Around Party Jumpers is not responsible for cutting back branches on trees that can damage the unit in order to make it fit. Please make sure that if there are toys, lawn furniture, trampoline etc in the space that you want the bounce house to be placed, that they are moved prior to delivery time of the unit. We are not responsible for cleaning up or moving equipment in your yard to make the inflatable fit. Please make sure as well to remove any pet feces from the area where the inflatable will be placed to avoid cleaning fees.

How do you secure your bounce houses?

All of our bounce houses are secured by staking the unit into the ground or by placing nails into the control joints of the concrete or by nails directly into the asphalt. We also use ropes and straps which we can secure to a tree or other areas to help secure the units. We try to avoid the use of sandbags to secure bounce houses as they are not highly effective in windy situations. Bounce houses must be monitored in windy situations as it can be potentially dangerous if winds exceed over 25 mph. It may be necessary to unplug and deflate the bounce house in these situations until the winds settle down.

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